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Year 11

We continue to offer a board and balanced curriculum in year 11. Our teachers are experts in and passionate about their subjects, and they teach the curriculum with depth and rigour. In order to further support students with their skills and knowledge, a rigorous intervention and support programme is in place, utilising tutor times and after school sessions to revise key concepts and provide more individualised support to every student. 

Students are also assigned an Assertive Mentor who is dedicated to ensure that everyone feels supported in academic and personal matters. This relationship is often cited by our students as one of their most memorable experiences. This mentor not only supports with the academic learning required for GCSEs, but can also begin to help students develop their ideas about their hopes and ambitions beyond this year. 

At the heart of our education at Stoke Park is the understanding that students flourish when they feel valued for who they uniquely are. The Year 11 team consists of a Head of Year, Pastoral Leader and an experienced tutor team which constitutes the wrap around team. Collectively and in partnership with the Designated Safeguarding Lead, PSHE Lead, school counsellor and external agencies, an extensive PSHE and Wellbeing Programme is in place during registration. These sessions explore topical, age-appropriate issues in the modern world. Through discussion, students develop their understanding of social skills, moral judgements, spiritual beliefs and cultural influences.  

Underpinning all our pastoral care is our unwavering commitment to student safety. Through the establishment of the PRIDE Charter in school, we are supporting our students to carry our key values with them at all times. We are consistently focussed on how we can support our students in the wider world. Alongside this, we are continually educating our Year 11 students about equality and diversity, and utilising Student Ambassadors and Leaders to lead other year groups in the school in ensuring that Stoke Park is an establishment of anti-bullying. In doing so, Year 11 are at the very heart of making our school a safe and welcoming place to be.  

The guidance we provide about options, careers and apprenticeships plays an invaluable part in the development and fulfilment of our students’ academic potential and aspirations. All students will have an opportunity to meet with the school career advisor to explore and make inform decisions about their future pathway. We are committed to providing an impartial, extensive and outstanding careers education to all students. 

We have also introduced the Prefect Role this year, looking for students who wish to help lead the school in its continual progress and development. This role is available to all students to help encourage them to promote themselves in the application, whilst also providing the opportunity for students to be the bringers of change in the school they are in every day. 


Year 11 Team 

Director of Year: Imran Jamal

Head of Year 11: Thomas Hall

Pastoral Manager: Manj Parmar