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Year 10

The learning environment in Year 10 is supportive yet challenging, with a sense that students and their teachers are on an educational journey together. This is the first year of their two-year KS4 journey. Students start preparing for their GCSE examinations in all subjects. The curriculum is as broad as possible to enable the students to make well informed decisions about their academic futures. There are three compulsory subjects, English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science (combined or triple). Students also select three more subjects from a range of 13. One of these choices must include History or Geography. All examinations will take place at the end of year 11. 

Students with specific learning needs are well supported. There is excellent provision provided by the SEND and inclusion team. Students for whom English is not their first language are supported by the schools EAL team. Many of these students go on to sit a GSCE in their home language.  

Pastoral care is central to our ethos. Ensuring all students feel happy and confident as they progress through the key stage is our top priority. The Year 10 team consists of a Head of Year, Pastoral Leader and an experienced tutor team which constitutes the wrap around team. Collectively and in partnership with the Designated Safeguarding Lead, PSHE Lead, school counsellor and external agencies, an extensive PSHE and Wellbeing Programme is in place during registration. These sessions explore topical, age-appropriate issues in the modern world. Through discussion, students develop their understanding of social skills, moral judgements, spiritual beliefs and cultural influences.  

Underpinning all our pastoral care is our unwavering commitment to student safety. Through the establishment of the PRIDE Charter in school, we are always supporting our students to carry our key values with them. We are consistently focussed on how we can support our students in the wider world. Alongside this, we are continually educating our Year 10 students about equality and diversity, and utilising Student Ambassadors and Leaders to lead other year groups in the school in ensuring that Stoke Park is an establishment of anti-bullying. 

Our enrichment activities provide the students with a flavour of the opportunities beyond the classroom. In the autumn term some of our students will take part in ‘The Brilliant Club’ which is an opportunity for students to work with Academic professionals in a research based project, supporting them to become independent learners whilst developing their skills to go on to higher education in the future.  

In Year 10 we place a big emphasis on stewardship in our local community and hold various charity events, fundraisers and competitions to help support others in the local community and throughout the City. These include collections for the local Foodbank, raising money for charity through a variety of competitions and working with external charities to help make a difference. We believe this helps support the moral development of our students in order to become well-rounded citizens. 

Students have a supportive and robust careers programme that tailors to preferences of our students, in order to help support Year 10 students in their career and future choices. This is delivered through various means, including virtual speakers, webinars and videos recorded by professionals from various industries specifically for Stoke Park students. 

There are many Student Leadership opportunities available for pupils to enhance their employability skills and career prospects as well the personal development undertaking a leadership role brings. Year 10 students are actively encouraged to partake in at least one Ambassadorial role, ranging from Community Ambassadors to Year Ambassadors with exciting opportunities and different responsibilities throughout the various roles available. This includes a Year Council who regularly meet to improve their experiences here in Year 10. 

Friendly competition is encouraged throughout the year group with the Year 10 Tutor Cup which encourages teamwork, communication and leadership throughout the year. Tutor groups compete against each other in a variety of competitions and events, which aims to provide students with a wide-range of opportunities to show off their talents and skills and foster a sense of pride and community amongst their peers. 

Year 10 Team 

AHT - Director of KS3-4: Harry Owen

Curriculum and Progress Leader: Tegan Steane

Pastoral Leader: Sheryl Clayton