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Virtual School

The Virtual School at Stoke Park allows us to ensure continuity of learning between home and school. Here at Stoke Park, Microsoft Teams is our key vehicle to do this, making use of each feature of the platform to better support learning preparation, assess and feedback effectively, as well as support literacy. Teams is also used to provide live interactions between students and teachers, for example during a local or national lockdown.  


Encouraging our students to access and engage with Microsoft Teams is a crucial part of our COVID Recovery Curriculum. In day to day practice, this means that all teachers use Teams routinely to secure powerful knowledge and to support our learners with key resources. These resources can be accessed if a pupil is absent, as well as giving them extra support to complete learning preparation, and in KS4 and 5, revise.  


To build students’ organisation skills, Microsoft Teams also functions as an online planner, capturing learning preparation details and resources, as well as enabling pupils to access resources from the lessons taught in school earlier that day, for example PowerPoint slides or photographs of the board/visualiser notes. 


Our Virtual School is fully integrated with the other schools in the Futures Trust. This allows staff to collaborate and share expertise and high-quality learning resources. This collaborative approach ensures that students receive the best quality blended curriculum.   


In this how-to video, Miss Meyrick shows you how to access Microsoft Teams: 

In this video, there are instructions of how to upload work and view your assignments: