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The Bridge

Welcome to The Bridge at Stoke Park School 

The Bridge at Stoke Park School is a fundamental part of a student’s journey into secondary school.  The Bridge offers outstanding provision for students in Year 7.  Students are able to experience a personalised curriculum which caters to their needs whether they need further support with their learning or they need to be stretched and challenged.  The Bridge offers unrivalled pastoral care and a supportive transition programme which guarantees all primary children to make a happy and successful start at Stoke Park School. 

The Bridge provides our Year 7 students with their own ‘mini school’, a welcoming place where they will settle quickly and the staff in The Bridge can focus entirely on them, delivering outstanding care and accelerated academic progress.  The Bridge offers exceptional learning and enrichment opportunities and has an outstanding ethos and expectations as we show PRIDE in everything that we do. 

The Bridge consistently delivers accelerated academic progress year after year along with an outstanding transition experience.  Oracy and communication skills are key to this progress, being able to astutely articulate opinions and ideas in whole class discussion and being able to understand the ‘why’ of their learning are all key factors to the continued academic success of the students. The Bridge offers a Project curriculum to enable students to access a range of subjects in an exciting way and to develop strong relationships with their teachers.  We offer a wide range of subjects (alongside our core English and Maths) for students to study such as: French, ICT, P.E, Drama, Music, Technology, Science and our new and exciting curriculum of Classics and Latin.  The Bridge curricula supports the development of metacognition across all subjects which supports students’ learning further by allowing them to make links between each of the subjects they will study.  The Bridge allows us to devise highly personalised timetables for each student based on their individual needs to ensure that every student is stretched to reach their full potential.   

The Bridge Leadership Team consists of highly experienced practitioners including staff with specialist primary expertise who understand the needs of our youngest students in order to support their learning.  The Bridge at Stoke Park School, is located in its own part of the school building with its own outdoor area and indoor heart space.  The purpose of The Bridge is to allow all students to feel supportive on their journey from primary to secondary school.   Teachers visit students at The Bridge rather than Year 7 students having to make their way across school to lessons. The Bridge offers its own clubs and societies for all students to participate in.  Our main focus is to ensure our new students feel at home from day one, engage in positive experiences, make new friends and get the very best start at secondary school.  


Year 7 Team

AHT - Director of KS2-3: Lyndsey Hall

Director of The Bridge: Laura Meyrick

Pastoral Leader: Amber Hansford