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Post 16

Welcome to Stoke Park Post 16

Stoke Park Post 16 is a vitally important phase in our students' academic life and will prepare them for the rest of their future.  Whilst being an inclusive institution, Stoke Park Post 16 has nothing but the highest aspirations for all.  Students are enrolled in courses that both inspire them and will aid them in their Post 18 pursuits, be it at university or high-level apprenticeships.

Stoke Park Post 16 students are inspired to be school leaders, showing PRIDE and virtuosity.  They meet the challenge of the GCSE to A Level study with resilience, positivity and fortitude.  They exhibit a honed sense of curiosity in their studies and are excited to learn, always wanting to know more.  Students actively seek out super curricular activities and discuss them enthusiastically with their peers and teachers. 

As part of a seminar-based approach to learning, students are taught to have strong organisational skills and independence to prepare for their sessions.  Our students are confident to engage with key ideas, both from other subject specialists and with their peers. They intuitively listen and respond to their teachers and peers; they respect the right of others to hold opinions different from their own, having a keen awareness of the world about them and develop informed opinions about historic and contemporaneous events.

Beyond the academic realm our Post 16 students develop as individuals thereby benefiting themselves, the whole school and the wider community.  Post 16 students have several opportunities to collaborate with staff and younger students to organise councils, clubs and events.  By the time they write their final exams, our students have a wealth of experiences and personal attributes allowing them to be for their successful futures.