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At Stoke Park our Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced to help our students build a brighter future. Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is built into our PSHE curriculum.

 Whilst the curriculum is designed to embed a depth of powerful ‘life’ knowledge, the curriculum also offers opportunities to develop students' communication skills.  Our comprehensive PSHE/RSE curriculum goes above and beyond what is outlined in the statutory guidance. As a school we feel PSHE is a vital tool for character development, we therefore dedicate a significant amount of curriculum time to planning, teaching and assessing its impact.   

The PSHE/RSE curriculum provides a safe space to explore age-appropriate, challenging, emotive and sometimes contentious issues. The vast majority of the curriculum is delivered through tutor time where all of our tutor teams have received additional training to help them teach this valuable but sometimes sensitive subject.  We have the same high standards and aspirations for this curriculum as we have in any other subject. We have therefore carefully planned activities that promote long term retention by students over their 7-year journey through Stoke Park.

The curriculum is structured around three ‘Powerful Knowledge’ Themes (PKT):

  1. PKT 1: Health and Wellbeing
  2. PKT 2: Relationships
  3. PKT 3: Living in the Wider World

In Year 7 (The Orator)  we will cover the following topics:

Who am I and how do I look after myself? (CT 1)

How do I form happy and safe relationships? (CT 2)

How do I live with others around me? (CT 3)

In Year 8 (The Philosopher) we will cover the following topics: 

How am I learning more about what it means to be me? (CT 1)

How do I maintain happy and secure relationships? (CT 2)

How do I understand someone who is different to me? (CT 3)

In Year 9 (The Revolutionary) we will cover the following topics: 

How is the ‘me’ now, different to the ‘me’ I was in Year 7? (CT 1)

How do I know if a relationship isn’t working and what can I do about it? (CT 2)

What responsibilities do I have to make the world a better place? (CT 3)

In Year 10 (The Inventor) we will cover the following topics: 

How do I take care of myself as a young adult? (CT 1)

How do I engage in safe and respectful adult relationships? (CT 2)

What responsibilities do I have to make the world a better place? (CT 3)

In Year 11 (The Architect) we will cover the following topics: 

How do I prioritise my health and wellbeing? (CT 1)

How do I make use of the support network around me? (CT 2)

How can I serve my wider community? (CT 3)

For more information please contact Helen Pinder