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Physical Education at Stoke Park School focuses on developing and enhancing the physical, social and psychological wellbeing of all students. Development of character through a broad and balanced curriculum supports all aspects of life and learning, instilling in students a deeper understanding of the overarching benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Giving the students this rounded understanding enables them to make healthy choices in later life.

Creativity is nurtured and celebrated where students are able to express their individuality and flair, as well as performing at maximum levels and excelling as an individual. Teamwork skills, invaluable to progress in society, are fostered during all instances of group work. Students are guided to make sporting decisions based on positive ethical and moral guidance; there is a broad spectrum of competitive and co-operative situations planned for all practical activity sessions.

The theory of the short and long term effects on the body is interwoven through all practical sessions through discussion and practical application. The opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership skills is a focus from Year 9 onwards in the core curriculum to build character and confidence, as well as to further enhance life skills. These two strands further underpin the knowledge required to succeed at KS4 and 5 Physical Education.

Examination PE Units at KS4 enable students to develop aspects of leadership, testing and training methods, and a deeper understanding of how the body responds to exercise. This directly leads into KS5 where other aspects of sport are considered, including Psychology. Life skills around finding and succeeding in securing a career in the sports industry are also integral to the Post-16 course. Leadership opportunities for Post-16 students supporting the PE department are encouraged.

Enrichment, during and after school1, for all sports activities are held throughout the year and are well attended. These are informed by student voice, and opportunities for student leadership at these sessions are wide ranging. All levels of ability are welcomed and nurtured. Staff versus student sessions are very well attended and foster a real sense of comradery. 

There are many opportunities to represent the school in a wide range of sports and activities, and we enter many local and national competitions.

Reward trips and visits to Sporting Universities and Sports events are popular features of our yearly calendar including international badminton events, Premier League football matches, and rugby matches.

For more information please contact Laura Redpath