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Outside Agencies

Educational Psychology:

Educational Psychology Service | Coventry City Council

The Educational Psychology Service is a team of educational psychologists who work with schools and parents/carers to promote the educational, personal and social development of children and young people. We have the flexibility to work with individuals, with groups and across the wider school community. And, because all our work is delivered by experienced, HPC-registered Psychologists, you can be assured of its quality.

Social, Emotional, Mental Health and Learning Team:

Social, Emotional, Mental Health and Learning Team | Coventry City Council

We are a team of experienced teachers who specialise in supporting primary and secondary age children and young people who are struggling with their learning or where their presenting behaviour is causing concern. We investigate the reasons for difficulties and provide supportive and enabling strategies for staff, pupils and parents.

Speech and Language Therapy support:

Speech and Language Therapy support|Coventry & Warwickshire NHS

The SALT team support children and young people to reach their full speech, language and communication potential. 

The Speech and Language Therapy team work with babies, children and young people who have difficulties with:

  • Speech
  • Language
  • Feeding & swallowing

Hearing, and Visual Impairment support:

Hearing impairment and visual impairment (5-16 years old) | Coventry City Council

The Sensory Team are specialist (hearing and vision) teachers and support staff providing highly specialist support for children with hearing or vision difficulties.

We provide a comprehensive programme of support to children with hearing and/or visual impairments and their schools, parents/carers and supporting professionals.

This includes: 

  • Hearing and vision assessments and advice on meeting children's need
  • Pre-school support for children with sensory impairment, their parents/carers and professionals involved with the family
  •  Specialist teaching support and advice concerning children with hearing and/or visual impairment attending mainstream/special schools
  • Teaching within special units in mainstream schools for pupils with hearing impairment, who use sign language Resources and adaptations for children with severe vision impairments. This includes advice/training on the use of electronic aids and Braille
  • Educational and mobility assessments
  • Specialist ICT and Braille training/advice
  • Monitoring children's progress and supporting specialist examination and assessment arrangements