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Oracy and Debate

We believe at Stoke Park School that Communication skills are integral to learning. Oracy is a key element that can bring conceptual understanding of subjects to students. We encourage oracy in all lessons so that students can talk through and understand their learning journey and therefore take ownership of their studies, becoming increasingly independent learners. Students are taught to use formal language so that they become confident in dealing with adults and peers. Good classroom talk also leads to the development of reading and writing for students. Students are taught to articulate their own ideas and listen to those of others, thus enabling the development of critical thinking as they become young adults. 

We encourage students to debate – both in the classroom and through enrichment opportunities. Student feel confident if they can master language and debate with each other and ultimately this prepares them for later life experiences. We want our students to feel comfortable when applying for the top universities or employment opportunities when they leave school, and they should be able to compete with their peers verbally as well as academically.