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Music at Stoke Park focuses on all aspect of music-making, using music as a way to communicate and express ourselves to unlock creativity.  We have a supportive, inclusive, lively community that builds on expression, enjoyment, excellence, pride and success. 

Music is a powerful tool and a universal language that connects with all people in society. It can be used to promote good mental health to communicate emotions and help with struggles, as well as build up self-confidence and sense of achievement.  A way to interact with the world, Music provides a forum for people to come together and share experience.  Studies show that students who actively participate in Music are likely to do better in their overall studies, with boosted outcomes. The creative industries are worth approximately £80 billion to the economy and there are many careers in performing, composing, production, gaming, business, law, ICT, marketing, promotion, manufacturing, retail, management, to name but a few. Many employers and universities look for imaginative and creative thinking students, who are able to demonstrate independence, self-discipline, and who contribute to their wider society.  

We incorporate performance, composition, production and musical connections (Listening and appraisal of musical styes and cultures) into the learning journey which underpins the curriculum at all levels. These skills are built upon over the Key Stage 3 journey giving a rich experience of all disciplines.  We build up our cultural capital by teaching themes in context – discovering different influences and traditions in historic and cultural contexts. We have an inclusive curriculum that encourages students to collaborate and be inquisitive about ideas and themes. Students are encouraged to share and perform ideas in an open environment designed to improve confidence; they evaluate successes and identify improvements.  

We are proud to have developed a curriculum that is balanced and focuses on depth of skills and knowledge to give students exposure to a wide range of skills and experiences to find their own discrete specialisms, and to gain fundamental skills to gain quality musicianship. This is delivered through whole class music-making, independent study and small group/pair work. Through encouragement and challenge, students have lots of opportunities to develop in and beyond the classroom. The design of the curriculum ensures students have the necessary skills to move through the different key stages with confidence. The foundations from KS3 are built upon at KS4 and KS5 through our vocational pathways. There is flexibility at these stages to specialise in performance, composition, music production or music business. There are many opportunities for students of all disciplines to further enrich their classroom experiences through our enrichment program, music instrument lessons, student leadership and numerous performance opportunities.

Through the three-year Key Stage 3 journey students will strengthen and revisit their musicianship skills as performers, composers and music producers. At Key Stage 4, students study vocational pathways that allow for further development musically with the option to specialist as a performer or music producer. Students are expected to reflect on their progress and areas of improvements by exploring different styles/genres of music through taking part in practical workshops to understand the music creation process. At Key Stage 5 students are prepared for working in the music industry. Students can elect a pathway in music performance, music production or music business. Students are required to understand how to plan for a career in the music industry and develop skills in writing a music dissertation.

There are many wide-ranging opportunities outside the classroom for students to engage with. In Year 7, students can sign up to the Future Musicians programme in an orchestra instrument, join the choir, or audition for whole-school musical.  All year groups can elect for dedicated small group/pair or individual musical instrument or vocal lessons, delivered by one of our visiting specialist musicians. We currently offer tuition in Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Vocals. Our extra and super-curricular opportunities run alongside the curriculum, consisting of a range of groups such as choir, Rock Band, Modulo orchestra group, music technology group and music club. Students from all stages have a range of opportunities to perform or get involved in music related activities, including regular concerts, showcases, talent shows, celebration assemblies, workshops, trips and our whole-school annual musicals. Students can also gain skills and participate in other areas, such as live sound engineering, lighting operation and events management, making our events and shows student-centric with the students at the heart of the whole Music department. We have excellent links with our wider community, music hub and professional partnerships in the city and beyond, and participate in several programmes to offer a wide range of professional experiences for workshops, visits, as well as opportunities to perform in world-class venues. We regularly work with universities and music conservatories, allowing students to aspire to and work towards higher education and beyond.

Bringing students to the centre of everything we do in the Music department has led to us gaining the ‘Music Mark’ and working towards our ‘Arts Mark’. We pride ourselves on our inclusive, inspiring, and encouraging ethos and curriculum, where all students can be successful through each Key Stage to realise their full potential, with aspirations for a successful career in the industry and through higher education pathways. We believe that our department’s commitment and enthusiasm is the key to providing an enjoyable and rewarding Music experience of high-quality learning and engagement.

For more information please contact Sharon Vincent