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Masters of Recall

As part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum at Stoke Park School, students are required to gain key knowledge in all of their subjects. This knowledge will equip them not only to understand each subject in more depth and set the foundations for GCSE study, but will also help them to understand the world around them. At Stoke Park we understand that learning knowledge takes time and this part of the website is dedicated to providing resources to help students revise the content needed each term.

Teachers must understand exactly what this knowledge is for formative assessment to be effective 

Masters of Recall is the way we select, prioritise, assess and retain the powerful knowledge of our subjects throughout the academic year. It is the knowledge we must be 'tight' with, meaning that we do not move on until this knowledge is secure for all pupils.

Pupils will use lesson time and learning preparation to consistently engage with and learn these key concepts. Masters of Recall will then systematically test these pupils so we can see what is being retained and what is misconception. From this, as teachers, we can then reteach and cement this knowledge.