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Lesson Preparation

The link between home and school is vital. At Stoke Park School, we do not view learning as something compartmentalised whereby students learn in the classroom and then leave it at the door until next lesson. Equally, we do not believe that work completed at home should be an addition or bolt-on which is set for the sake of it. The learning experience needs to be fluid and connected, with students having opportunity to utilise communication skills and experience powerful knowledge both in school and at home.  

To this end, our students are set regular learning preparation. This learning preparation is designed to be an extension of the classroom curriculum, with students focusing on securing powerful knowledge. This may involve undertaking some background reading, thinking about and responding to some initial questions, or engaging with an educational video/article ready for discussion. This learning preparation will always be used within a lesson, either for assessment purposes or as a starting point for that lesson's learning. As such, we expect our students to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to completing it to a high standard, and with pride.  
Our use of Microsoft Teams as a platform for learning has made it easier than ever for students to organise, check, and locate the resources for this work, as well as being able to hand it in for feedback from their teacher. The Class Team also has a function whereby students can ask for support, either from classmates or from the teacher themselves.  
Through this regular learning preparation, students can develop skills around organisation, independence, resilience, as well as specific communication skills and powerful knowledge in each subject.