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ICT & Business

ICT and Business are subjects that are living and breathing all around us, they continuously impact on our daily lives and together we will explore these subjects not only in theory but as citizens of a world dominated by technological advances and business practices. To develop our understanding of Business and ICT is to develop our understanding of the world in which we are active citizens.

One of our key aims of ICT at Stoke Park is to develop the skills we all need as nearly all roles in the future will involve using technology at some level. From Year 7 we aim to build knowledge and understanding of key programmes but also to make those programmes relevant to our everyday experiences. We understand that not all learners are comfortable using ICT and a key aim for us is to develop confidence in using unfamiliar programmes. Learners of all abilities are encouraged to stretch themselves and their understanding of ICT.

Within our chosen ICT projects across Key Stage 3, we encourage a great deal of creativity and freedom with open design briefs and opportunities for learners to use their personal inspirations and experiences and make projects meaningful to them. This forms the foundation of learning for our GCSE Creative iMedia course. The understanding developed in Key Stage 3 is built upon by those taking this course in areas such as photoshop and video editing. As learners move into higher education opportunities, we also offer a Key Stage 5 course widely acknowledged as a gateway to university and apprenticeship routes.

Within Business Studies we actively encourage students to blend their newly found understanding of business theory with the world around them. Only through applying their knowledge to the real world will they truly become students of business and future entrepreneurs!

At Stoke Park, we want our students to examine the actions and behaviour of businesses with a critical eye and consider the impact of actions businesses take. In Year 11 our learners get an incredible opportunity to explore their own ambitions when developing a business idea from initial research to business pitch. Our learning journey continues in Post 16 with a diverse range of topic areas and forms outstanding preparation for those moving to higher education or into the world of work.

ICT and Business Studies students are able to access our ICT facilities at lunch times in order to develop their project work, delve deeper into a particular activity or explore areas of particular interest further. We also offer learners an opportunity to take part in the National Student Investor Challenge which pits them against teams from around the UK using real time share price data to develop a portfolio and win challenges.

For more information please contact Ben Packwood