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English as the art of communication has a direct influence over all our lives.  The English department believe passionately in developing confident, well rounded and empathic individuals who are able to express themselves fluently in a variety of forms and contexts.

When students first join us, they will be introduced to the history of English literature through the ages and from different cultures.  By gaining a strong command of the spoken and written language, we aim to develop their love of literature.  From Ancient Greek drama, to Early Modern poetry and plays, to Victorian Gothic, students get a broad view of how fiction genres have developed over time.  Students also demonstrate their speaking and listening skills, and use their ability to turn the spoken word into emotive and effective writing pieces.

As students progress through Key Stage 3, they continue their learning journey through various genres including those within non-fiction.  Relevant topics linked to Social Justice, Feminism, Post-Colonialism, and Post-Modernism also help to develop students’ perspectives and allow them to understand the world in which they live.  They also learn how to identify, analyse and evaluate how and why writers make the choices and the impact that these choices have on their readers. 

In Years 10 and 11, students progress onto the GCSE English Language and Literature curricula where they develop their reading skills as well as their ability to identify, infer, analyse, compare and evaluate texts in much greater details.  They also continue to hone their writing skills in fiction and non-fiction pieces.  Speaking and listening skills are displayed allowing for opportunities to debate and share ideas.

These experiences carry our students forward to Post 16 English Literature, studying some of the greatest texts ever written in the English language and many students go on to study English at an undergraduate level.  Throughout this entire learning experience with Stoke Park English department, there are enrichment opportunities including seeing plays, enjoying author and poet visits and liaising with world-class universities.

For more information please contact: Lorraine Jardine