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Design & Technology

Design and Technology at Stoke Park School focusses on allowing students to design and make products that fit into the sort of society students wish to live in.

Our aim in Design and technology is to develop skills and knowledge that can be applied to the designing and making of innovative, aesthetic and functional products that can fit into tomorrow’s world and beyond. This could lead to future careers in Engineering and any aspect of designing from Architecture to Industrial Product Design.

Within Design and Technology students focus on two areas – Product Design and Food Technology. Students use the traditional materials wood, metal and plastic with a blend of modern smart materials alongside technologies such as the laser cutter and 3D printer to design and make products. Students in Food Technology aim to create dishes that are healthy and well balanced whilst looking into the science and impact of particular ingredients.

Design and Technology is a new subject to most students when starting in Year 7. With this in mind projects are designed to give students a broad and varied experience into the vast material and construction areas. Projects are varied and incorporate a wide range of technologies including electronics, mechanisms and Computer Aided Manufacturing.

An important aspect of ensuring design and technology is modern and relatable to the real world is Computer Animated Design (CAD), where students use complex drawing packages to develop and then finalise design intentions. CAD is introduced early into the curriculum however, we still rely on traditional 3D drawing techniques to communicate ideas. Students are encouraged to design modern and innovative products, by analysing and evaluating other designers’ students can develop their emotional and critical thinking. The subject explores many cross curricular links from looking at the impact of plastics on society, mechanical properties of materials or the industrial revolution to name a few.

The Design and technology department receives many visitors from companies working in construction to designing. This gives students an informed idea of whether they will opt for an apprenticeship or further education when looking for a potential career in design. Food club runs during lunchtimes where students can make their own lunch snack alongside a 3D printing club.  There truly is something for every learner.

For more information please contact: Daljit Jandu