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The importance of Classics as a subject discipline cannot be overstated. Through journeying two thousand years into the past, students are given to the opportunity to explore, make links, and evaluate the influence that the Ancient Greeks and Romans have had on every facet of our culture today.

As the foundation for theatre and storytelling,  democracy and empire, science and medicine, a study of the Classics imbues in our students an appetite for learning and an appreciation of the origins of European culture, belief and language. Through the additional study of Latin, as part of the Classics course, students unlock the secrets of English and other Romance languages, broadening and deepening their understanding of vocabulary, as well as equipping them with the skills to decode and deconstruct new vocabulary in other subjects.

Communication skills are crucial to the study of Classics, with students combining the enquiry-based source analysis of a Historian, with the critical evaluation of a literary critic, in order to debate and discuss the presentation of key issues, concepts, and ways of life presented to us in Classics. Students are encouraged to question everything, argue passionately, debate relentlessly, and ultimately balance and weigh up  a range of evidence to reach a conclusion. 

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