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The Stoke Park Experience

A school should be well-known for its academic performance, but we should also place an equal great emphasis on what goes on beyond the classroom and on the development of character. 

While we are proud of the intellectual poise, rigour and ambition we instil in our students, these qualities on their own are not enough - we want to help forge young students who are confident, able and responsible. We want them to demonstrate that they are well-rounded young people who will make a positive contributions to their wider communities. 

We want students to explore new horizons, to follow their passions, to support and lead others and to be individuals, without being individualistic. 

With each passing year, we provide and encourage more and more enrichment opportunities for our students. Subjects are devoted to areas of extra-curricular activity, such as music, sports, drama, debating and there are many others besides. The recent formation of a Chinese club has, for example, proved highly successful.  Enrichment opportunities are designed to enhance our curriculum offer and also demonstrate real world links. A club or team exists to suit almost every interest or aspiration. Students are encouraged to develop and display skills of leadership, organisation, coaching and support – to grasp opportunities and create new ones for themselves and others. 

We have leadership ambassadors across the school in a variety of clubs and subjects. We encourage leadership positions as early as Year 7 and there is a Prefect system in Year 11 and Head Boy and Girl in Post 16. Our decisions on appointments are based upon the commitment and effort students show, as well as the commitment to their school. 

We truly believe that these are the experiences which will shape their lives as well as support their well-being. We want our students to be happy and confident both in and out of school.